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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 23, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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else in >> if i go to far and i don't have service i am okay with that. >> one lucky guy. thank you, bob buckle. >> thank you, i like it. >> and live on monday by the way, happening now starts right now. we begin with a fox news alert. secretary of state john kerry agreed to a pore in the house oversight investigation of the terrorist attack. it was in response to the subpoena from darril issa. that investigation is separate from the one that is bite house select committee. we'll bring you more updates as we get them. >> first new calls for the embattled secretary of veteran's association to resign. welcome to a brand new hour of happening now. i am jon scott.
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>>im heather in for jenna lee. a bill in congress helped to institute reforms stalled there. >> a three page bill to make it easier to fire employees passed the house. senate leaders need more time to study the thing. wendall has more. >> reporter: house majority whip the latest republican to say secretary shinseki should resign. mccarthy called the scandal hiding the wait time for veteran's care is a national embarrassment. the latest from the democratic candidate for senate in kentucky, alisyn grimes. it is no surprise she is keeping the obama administration at arm's length. illinois dick durbin who met with shinseki are circling the
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wagons around him. defense secretary chuck hagel said the president promised people will be accountable. >> there has to be accountability right up and down the line. but i think we have to fix the problem. that's the real focus here. >> law makers have critized the three week wait before expressing the outrage. and even members of congress who are not calling for shinseki's resignation said mr. obama should be doing more to fix the problem. >> you may wait for the ig report in order to do something with secretary shinseki. it is a systemic problem and a life and death issue. the president should have come out and said i will allow any veteran on a waiting list to go outside of the va network and get it on the private market. >> it is unclear if the
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president could authorize them to private markets. >> it is only three pages, right? >> that is true. but the concern there is whether within those three pages, they author otherwise or lead to fights from midlevel managers and have protections based on the fact that they are veteran employees, but the white house said they can still be fired. fine print is everything. >> and in the news as well. we'll so how that turns out. >> it is memorial weekend and we are hitting the roads and taking to the skies this weekend. >> and let's take a look. mike tobein is and things are
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not too crowded pehind you. >> reporter: not that bad. things are clipping along despite a busy holiday weekend. looking at ticketing area at american airlines doing just fine. just shy of a quarter of a million people traveling through o'hare. they are expected to move through the city of big shoulders. and as o'hare goes so does the nation in terms of travel. it is all sunny skies and no delays. >> yeah, everything seems to be moving fine and track is going okay and airport is not too congested either. >> we got here straight from indiana without stopping. >> it is great so far and no problems at all. >> reporter: here is the big inditator. tsa line. it spills over in the lobby when it is bad. it is at medium capacity.
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american airlines is flying 95 percent of the seats full as opposed to 80 percent on a normal day. and when you look at the big board. magic words of on time running next to all of the flights and one cancellation in syracuse. >> we are not going anywhere. >> reporter: me, am i going anywhere. >> i guess not. >> reporter: it is noise to get a weekend at home. >> leave a girl hanging there. mike, i hope you enjoy. mike took the vacation bobbing out in lake michigan. what else would you want to do after you spend 40 minutes alone in icy water. >> a new survey finds 83 percent of the americans planning one vacation this summer and over three- quarters plan to fly.
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and that is according to air fare watch >> extreme weather alert to bring you. potential of severe storms over the start of the holiday weekend. it is a blast of damaging weather. and upstate new york. a major storm and leaving a trail of destruction right there and a trifecta of punishing wind and tornados knocking down power lines. there is a big wildfires raging. our chief meteorologist rick is in the weather center. we haven't mentioned pennsylvania with all of the hail and colorado, what is going on? crazy spring weather? >> this is the time of year that we get that weather. we'll see more of it.
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you can so the spin in the northeast? and scattered showers and pop up storms will be the case all weekend long. and by monday, things improve. and this is incredibly heavy rain. we talked about california. but the area of west texas and western parts of oklahoma and areas of kansas. and really all of our attention this weekend is in west texas. that threat of severe weather and sunday severe weather. and the best impact will be to help this drought. and then go to that area and next couple of days, five inches of rain and that will help the drought. it will help things and that is great news and it will cause
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flooding, it will cause to which, too quickly. if you are every in sedonna, arizona it is pretty. a big fire is going on there in the canyon and it is the windy season in arizona. it is dry and they didn't have a huge rainy season. temperatures are a little cool but we'll have a chance for lightning strikes. hello to your family out there. more fighting in ukraine ahead of the presidential election. separatist battling government troops. russian president putin speaks out on ukraine's future. greg has the latest. >> reporter: hey, john, putin is a key player and he spoke in
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st. petersberg he could recognize the presidential election and might work with the winner and branded it a civil war. we saw a pro- kiev militia clashing with militants and there is ukranian convoy hit by 500 insurgent and the claim is 20 of those rebels were killed. this as election officers struggle to get organized for the vote. many say it will not happen. they have targeted the organizers and they are trying to stage the vote. and finally, we went out on the streets and talked to a lot of people. interestingly a majority of the people would like to vote and feel it is their right. unfortunately, a majority of them they are not sure they will
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be able to do so. apparently the rrevolution is f on the people. republican hosting the race in 2016. and irs is sparking a new fire storm after delaying the new rules to restrict political activity by tax exempt groups. we'll debate that next. plus a new surprising and curious story about the study. where people feel more stressed? do you feel more stressed out at home or at work. and a live chat. go to fox now. ugh. heartburn.
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14 minutes after the hour, the republican national committee choosing final sxift hosting the party's convention and paring down the list. cleveland, dallas, denver and kansas city. las vegas with drou their bid. columbus, ohio was withdrawn. republicans plan to choose the host city. >> i think you will go kansas city? >> no. in the meantime, irs is putting
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new rules on hold. they were designed to reign in political activity. republicans say that is attacks on free speech and meant to silence the conservatives. is the agency a delay for the gop. >> we talk about jonna. and david hawkins is senior edettor for roll call. >> you had a quick explaning a to what the irs is trying to decide between advocacy and politics. can you share that with the v viewers. the issue is not stopping nonprofit groups from speaking out on marries of public policy. trying to decide when does advocating for a policy point of
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vow. a group can say send a message to washington to stop waejing a war on coal. clearly poll teches would be vote for mitch mcconnell and he will defeat obama's war on coal. the question is where is that gray area? if it is on the political side they have to disclose the donors and that is a bad idea most think. >> you said jonna that you think it is a victory for the gop, why? >> it is a victory of sorts, because there is a lot of pressure from septemberor schummer and other leberal democrats that wanted to focus on republican leaning and that's how the irs scandal came to be. and the irs is trying to come up
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with neutral rules about how to have that policy desire. turns out you can't do it. it is a victory and it would have been bad for free speech or democracy and particularly bad for conservative groups whose message i more agree with. my problem with celebrating it too much it is a delay. conservatives hit the bar too low the delay getting shafted by the federal government. >> david, is it more of a benefit for the conservative groups? >> it is true that the republicans have benefitted, their causes have benefitted more from the kind of spending. there were 150,000 comments sent to the irs to try to get them to alter and delay the rules.
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it seemed split between advocates on the conservative and liberal side. and the e-mail in box of the newsroom was flooded with comments yesterday saying they were thrilled it was delayed and they didn't think they were good rule ideas either. >> if chuck schummer is conservative and tea down the party groups. does he not see the time when the irs cracked down on leberal groups. >> out of interest of my sanity. i try not to get too deep in the head of chuck schummer. >> i think the analysis is right. it shoes the insanity of where we are as a government. we have the government getting in the granullar level of whose
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speech is legitimate and who's isn't. it is a problem you get when the federal government gets in the business of regulating the first amendment speech freedom. it should be out of this business entirely and i am glad if not chuck schummer aclu and other groups understand that you can't get in the game without surpressing groups and speech they like. >> interesting thoughts there, thank you both. >> thank you. >> and jon, this is a story you will like. a lot of american heroes showing courage in a different way. wounded warriors jumping from high up in the plane. we'll tell you why they are sky diving. >> and a lot of us are looking forward to being with our families. there is a surprising new today where people feel more stressed?
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right now wounded veterans. and they have more with that. and it is high level amputees that can't be fitted with prosthetic limbbes. these wounded warriors can't walk and 90 seconds in free fall
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they are total liberated from their wounds. >> it is a freedom out there. and you are free falling and in a way there is a body moving and make you feel loc you are falling. >> they trained for a wind tunnel and joe is learning to balance from free fall missing both of his legs. there is another vet whose amputations are more severe. he stepped on an ia d and lost his legs. and todd said sky do i having is a good fit for wounded vets that are trained to set goals. >> it is silly that i put a limit on myself and thoughty couldn't do it. and looking back. wow, i totally put a barrier that i couldn't cross and i ended up crossing it and what
10:25 am
else in my life am i doing that? >> operation wounded warrior is run by service members that are volunteers, they believe that sports can be healing mentally and physically. the jump sites and training facilities are donating the time and training and personnel. this is a program that builds confidence and paying it forward. >> joe saw todd sky do i have. and realize i can do that. they so joe on fox news and it will transition them to thinking that i can do that and i can get out of the bed that i am in, in walter reed and i can do those things. >> joe is living on his own in an apartment in suburban washington. and he told us that he recently turned down one of those homes.
10:26 am
he wants to earn it for himself, john. >> great attitudes all the way around. njon, this is a real surprise. a new study show that americans may be more stressed. they were lower in the office. we'll bring in our doctor. we'll bring the professor. i had my two babies at your hospital. how did you doctors figure it out? >> i was surprised and i told myself, that is one of the reasons i am working so hard. i have a beautiful wife that takes care of everything. this is coming from penn state that looked at 12 workers and they looked at the stress and
10:27 am
saliva. and it was well studied and they found the amount of cortisol at work is less than at home. >> more stressed out at home than work. why is that? >> it is interesting, for women you do the work and you have to go home and kids and bills and multitask and do all of that stuff waiting for you and for men it was easier at home. >> and men were less stressed at home and happier at home and women were more stressed at home. nwomen are doing all of the work then? >> i don't believe it. but based on this study, that's what it looks like, it is a lesson for us to chip in and help out a bit. >> you are more in control in work. where as when you go home, kids are demanding and they need you and you are doing to many
10:28 am
things. and that is all stress you don't have at work and you are spending more time at work and this is like a second home for us. the comfort level here. >> and for the most part you are rational adults and you grab lunch or a cup of coffee. you don't always have that. >> and on weekends, we did better than weekdays. we are all more relaxed and we can take that time. is that tied to sleep or notes inially being someplace. and catching up with the amount of fluid and you are relaxed and get away from all of the work time. the ones that are high income level and they were making too much money and they had more stress at work than at home. it is interesting. it depends on the level of work you do and kind of work you do.
10:29 am
the lesson for a lot of people. men try to chip in and help out with the work and those are the companies that give women more leeh way and baby-sitter issues and be flexible and it is interesting study before the weekend. >> and you can see more and more companies doing that. and doctor, thank you so much. jon, what you got over there? >> when i go home, i have the dog as well. nconsumers listen up. a slew of new recalls affecting our roads. and pentagon stepping up efforts to find hundreds of kidnapped school girls under way. and mark cuban under fire for a comment he made about racial divisions and his response and what he is apologizing for. take them on the way you always have.
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>> throw 50,000 sienna mini vans and those solid and used in cold weather states. and the problem you see is road salt that can corrode the spare tire carrier. and cause the tire to actually
10:34 am
fall off. and nearly 11,000 lexus sed ans and problems with the brake and break lights and 50,000 highlander suvs. and the air bags don't calculate the size of the front seat passenger before being set off. the fridge issuing a voluntarily recall of seven tons of humus over fears of deadly bacteria the house browned at trader joes and giant eagle house. and no illness is reported from the bacteria as yet. 80 u.s. air force troops are in with the school girls in nigeria. there are no plans for u.s. troops to go on the ground there. jennifer griffin is live with the latest. what can you tell us?
10:35 am
>> pentagon sources tell me that the president authorized up to 80 air force personnel to go to chad. dozens of u.s. military personnel are on the ground in chad and they assembled the predator drone. and fbi and intelligence officials briefed congress yesterday in a closed door session. senior officials worry that the leader of boko haran would love the opportunity to strike at u.s. interest. and to draw u.s. ground troops in a fight. >> i think that everybody realizes that to just willy-nilly to go in and try to rescue the girls if we locate them is a dangerous thing because the terrorist that perpetuated the crime don't care about human life and would be
10:36 am
easy for them to kill the hostages. >> i look at boko haram as a separate issue. >> and u.s. drones in nearby chad unmanned surveillance can stay airborne over the area for a longer period of time. they have not located the girls and that area where the u.s. is flying u.s. surveillance is forest and jungle. this week the u.s. and nigeria government established protocol and those were not in place until now. >> and jennifergriffin, thanks. billionaire mark cuban known for off the cuff remarks and now he is under fire for comments he made about race and his own prejudices. we have more on that. >> this is a wide ranging sprue bee mark cuban and in the wake of the donald sterling racism
10:37 am
controversy, he was asked about racism in the nba. this is the part of the answer that caught everyone's attention listen here. >> i mean, we are all prejudice in one way or the other. if i see a black kid in a hoody and it is late at night i walk to the other side of the street. and if there is a guy that has tattoos all over his face and baldhead and white guy, i am walking back to the other side of the street and the list goes on of stereotypes that we are fearful of. >> the black hid in a hoody comment caught a lot of people's attention because of the trayvon martin case. he was the unarmed teenager shot dead by george zimmerman. zim zip was acquitted. and mark cuban followed up with
10:38 am
two tweets. part one. in hindsight i should have used different examples and i didn't consider the trayvon martin family and i apologize to them for. that beyond apologizing to the martin family, i stand by the words and substance of the interview and given the situation with the la clipper owner donald sterling tis not surprising race and comments by race by an nba owner would attract a lot of attention. i commend everybody, jon to get on line and google and watch the whole interview and make up your own mind. >> john. thanks. >> the va scandal dominated the head leans and it will be the big topic. we have the host here on fox news channel and hi, there. howard. and let's start with talking about the va scandal. it is focused on shinseki and
10:39 am
whether or not he will step down and if the president will ask him to lead. and not so much emphasis on president obama himself. >> why is that? >> that is a washington game and will the cabinet member resign and sure, that is an important question to ask. but it is a beltway parlor game. and whether shinseki steps down or not. the man responsible is president obama, he's slow in seen to be reacting to this. and it is interesting to me heather, a number of liberal comment attors critized obama on. this this is not like irs or benghazi. everybody agrees it is legitimate outrageous scandal and it is getting different coverage. >> what was the fact that the president took so long to speak on this. where was the president on this? he came out and did speak
10:40 am
earlier this woke. how much of that added fuel to the four. >> reporter: he had a heck of a brownie moment when he praised eric shinseki. there is clearly a cover up going on in phoenix and other facilities. and i guess the president deserves to get the facts and be deliberate in his response, but that doesn't send a message of being on top of things. politics often turns on perception and he's getting beat up by his allies. ncertainly howard. we have a new piece of news. secretary of state john kerry will testify in the house oversight in benghazi. and not the new select committee. what is your reaction to that. >> reporter: it is interesting, secretary was not secretary at the time of the benghazi attacks. and the issa committee was
10:41 am
consumed by partisan attacks and it might make it easier for them to say the republicans are having another hearing. the bipartesan committee has a potential to have more credibility. and i think it will not sit well with the house republicans. >> that is interesting. i am reading statements from trey gowdy and he said we are glad secretary kerry will a pore in oversight whether he will be asked to appear before the select committee will be a decision. that was a comment from a spokesperson from john boehner right. there it is interesting to so if he shows up. >> i bet he is not that glad. i bet they would like to have john kerry. and different chairman want to get the star witness. >> thank you so much and we'll look forward to your she this
10:42 am
weekend. >> okay. thanks. and a scary situation on a bus. passengers go running for their lives from boiling water and how this happen and where. it is a cross country journey and we are checking in with a man that is driving the antique tractor coast to coast
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on a special mission. >> i am gretchen carlson. breaking news about secretary of state john kerry appearing before the benghazi committee. so which committee will it be? and another near miss in our busiest airport and the details on how terrifyingly close two planes came to colliding. and if that doesn't freak you out. how much bacteria is on airplanes and whether hand sanitizers work on board. see you then. >> welcome back. tense moments to tell you about. a hot water pipeline burst under
10:47 am
passengers. it is smoke and boiling water filled the bus and people are running and screaming. 13 people suffered burn. and a section of the road caved it and that caused the water to start spraying everywhere. >> an incredible story. the journey of a man driving an antique tractor raising money for america's wounded warriors. last time we spoke to him he was in ohio. he is now near indiana and joins us on the phone. i heard you had tractor trouble and is that fixed? >> it is fine and it was a camper here. and that is all taken care of and the tractor is running fine. >> you are on a 1948 john deere. >> how is the trip going. >> it is humbling how
10:48 am
supporting, i am finding out jon, there is so much good here in america. and i am not giving up on this country. i just passed a tractor out in the front yard, it said on a huge sign go ivan. it makes you want to roll on. >> great people there in the midwest. what is your favorite story of somebody that supports you or met so far? >> come back on that? >> what is your favorite story? >> and it is just people are driving 150 miles just to meet up with me and give a donation and encourage me to keep on-going. we had an incident last night. i got off of the track on my trail and saw the farming elevator and i am in the back country and back up to 24 and a farmer came out named rod
10:49 am
hecker and he invited me and said you are staying here for the night. they opened their doors, that is the real america. >> you are making 14 or 15 miles per hour in that thing? >> yes, that is it. i don't want to get there too quick. >> a lot of good country to see. and you are out to raise a million bucks and you are not there yet. how are do >> we have hit a milestone of 50,000. and i continue with the help and people and asking corporate to step up, too and help. and together we can do this. one mile at a time. napril 26th you started and three and half months before you get to california. nthree and half months and sometimes before the snow flies. >> and that wouldn't be fun driving those roads in the snow.
10:50 am
>> anything can happen when you cross the rockies in the summer. >> i do know that. and i will take one day at a time. >> and we have you on the web page. fox news opinion com/happening now and people can follow you along as you make that 15 miles per hour trip and and maybe send you a donation or two because it all goes to wounded warriors. you want to tell us about that? >> yeah, all goes to the wounded warriors project. there's a link on our website. you can give checks or credit cards. it's interesting, jon, i just found on article here, 1% of our veterans served in the armed forces today, only 1% -- less than 1% of taken care of. >> we have to say good-bye. congratulations to you. we'll keep tabs on you and talk to you again next week. >> what a fun story.
10:51 am
i hope he stopped in moline, illinois. in the meantime, a talented group of marine pilots showing off their stuff in new york city. leah gabrielle is live in the bronx. >> hey. we're live here.
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some of our brave fighting men and women showing off their stuff with a special aerial demonstration as part of fleet week here in new york city. let's go to leah gabrielle live in the bronx with more. show us what's out there. >> fleet week is all about community reaction and showing the community what their capabilities are and what their force is all about. we have marine corps helicopters, attack helicopters, demonstrating how they would essentially come in and clear a combat area of any combatants
10:55 am
before bringing a transport helicopter in to drop off the marines. right now you're seeing two ah-1 koefrs. these are attack helicopters. yesterday i went flying in a ch-53, one of the transport helicopters. i was with a number of marines. they touched down in the middle of a baseball field in a high school. marines came out of the helicopters and essentially set up a perimeter, a security perimeter around the helicopter to show how they would secure that area and let the helicopter safely take back off. one of the marines described how important these events are to the community. take a listen to what he said. >> events like this help educate america and the united states and the people who support us so much about what life is like in the military, what our job is actually like.
10:56 am
>> demonstrations going on around the new york area for this entire week through tuesday. an exciting time for the local community and for the service members who are here. heather, back to you. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. thanks so much for that story. as outrage grows over delayed medical treatment for our vets, democrats are increasingly divided over whether the v.a. secretary should go. plus, a cosmic show this weekend. a spectacular meteor shower on tap. when you might be able to see it.
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you are an early riser. >> very early riser. >> this story is perfect for you. there's a meteor shower coming -- maybe. nasa says we could see something similar to this if conditions are right. a meteor shower that might be really impressive, packing more than 200 meteors per hour. it's expected to happen in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. they say prime viewing between
11:00 am
midnight and 4:00 a.m. eastern time. but don't get too excited. nasa says the chance we might not see anything at all. >> that's a bummer. >> if it hits space dust, we might get it. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. thanks, guys. the v.a. secretary eric shinseki facing new pressure today for his handling of the mounting scandal rocking his agency. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to a friday edition of "the real story." the secretary under fire for claims of neglect at the v.a. and those secret waiting lists with allegations dozens of veterans died waiting for care. most democrats are standing behind the secretary. congressman januaohn barrow and congressman david scott are calling for his resignation. but nancy pelosi says it won't solve the


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